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In all Petrochemical Gas Treatment Applications the Primary Objective is to achieve the best possible contact of the treatment chemical with the Gas Stream. In most cases, the better the atomization of the Product, the less you have to Pump to achieve the same end result. As you can see in the Atomizer Videos at Left, the FlowEZ Atomizer was designed to provide the same level of atomization from very Low to very High Injection Rates. The current Cracking Pressure between 300 and 500 PSI (Pressure required to open the nozzle) was selected for the ability to atomize a viscous product like Monoethanolamine as well as it atomizes Methanol.

The Accumulator featured in all but one of the videos at left works in conjunction with the Cracking Pressure of the FlowEZ Atomizers to produce a constant stream of atomized chemical with a single acting plunger pump. These accumulators are available through each of the Distributors listed on or "Distributors" page