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    Standard Atomizers

    FlowEZ Threaded Atomizers

    Available in a variety of Installation Thread Sizes and Tip Lengths. Injection Ports are 1/4" Female NPT. Our largest to date was a 2" Installation Thread with a 24" Tip. We would appreciate the opportunity to beat that record !
  • FlowEZ Retrofit Atomizers - FlowEZ Innovati
    Retrofit Atomizers

    FlowEZ Retrofit Atomizers

    Designed with a 1/8" Female NPT thread on the connection end for use with Retractable Tools with this type of connection.
  • FlowEZ Coupon Chucks - FlowEZ Innovation
    Coupon Chucks

    FlowEZ Coupon Chucks

    Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel components and supplied in a variety of plug sizes (1/2', 3/4', and 1" pictured below) and tip lengths (1/2" in the plugs, 1", 1 1/2", and 2" pictured below). We also manufacture to Customer Specifications.
  • FlowEZ Injection Quills - FlowEZ Innovations LLC
    Injection Quills

    FlowEZ Injection Quills

    Designed for undersized holes below the Thread-O-Let. Shut in and bleed down only to find that your injection quill will not fit through the hole below the Thread-O-Let. This 1/8" Schedule 80 (.405 O.D.) Quill will usually get the job done. Dual .030 depth grooves are cut near the tip to prevent run back on horizontal installations.
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